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Taking My Business to the Next Level

Already own an existing landscaping and property management business, but looking for that boost to bring your business to where you always dreamt it would be? You’re not alone, 40% of Clintar franchisees were previous business owners who were looking for the extra support to stand out among competitors. We are the team with growing results and are here to provide you with the necessary tools to cultivate your own success!

Sean Hayes

I was in the landscaping business previously with a small company and wanted to grow. I did some research and saw that Clintar was a leader in the industry. There was a learning curve for the first year or two, but there was always ample training and support. Any time I required help, it was always available to me.
- Sean Hayes, Clintar of Brampton.

What Clintar Can Offer Your Business

Previous business owners seek Clintar for its brand association and extensive support network. When you become a Clintar franchisee, you have the opportunity to meet and work with a wide network of other franchise owners, Head Office employees, as well as national accounts and government institutions to help build your portfolio and stabilize financial opportunities for years to come through our National Accounts Program.

We provide an exceptional Training and Support Program that is unlike any other in the industry, and is packed with hands-on training, online tools and resources, and continuous business and personal development training to keep you and your staff on par with today’s business and industry standards.

What to Expect

What to Expect Within Your First Few Years:

  • A busy, but exciting start to learning the basics of the industry and business operations.
  • Ample start up support and training opportunities – Budgets & Business Planning, Site Selection, Bookkeeping System, Landscaping System, Management Software and Franchise Portal set up.
  • Office Set Up – Sales Programs, Field Operations, Vehicle Selection, Insurance Coverage
  • Ongoing Support & Training – On-site Visits, Estimating, Classroom Training, Operations, Marketing, Financial Control and Office Systems.
  • Business Building – Prospecting Programs, Direct Mail and Email Marketing, Telephone Follow-Up, National Accounts Program.
  • Preferred Vendor Discounts – Guaranteed lowered prices with select brands such as GM, John Deere and Cat.