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Clintar offers an extensive support system to help ensure your success

At Clintar, the health and safety as well as educating each of our employees is a top priority in and outside of the workplace environment. We put every effort into ensuring each of our franchisees have all the tools, knowledge and training they require before opening their franchise doors.

More importantly, the support and necessary training you require from Clintar does not stop after your initial franchise training. We keep in constant contact with our franchises through weekly franchise newsletters, e-blasts, council meetings, focus group meetings and our Annual Franchise Conference.

How Clintar Franchisees Acquire Training & Support:

Customized Approach to Training

The first few months of becoming a Clintar Franchise Owner is a different experience for every franchisee, which is why we provide tailored approaches for every new Clintar franchise owner new to the industry and franchise owners with industry experience.


One-on-One Training

In your first few weeks of training, we will set you up with your dedicated Franchise Advisor, who will arrange two to three in-person training sessions, as well as an Operations Manual and Franchise Portal access for you within the first few weeks.


Classroom Training

As we further develop initiatives in Health & Safety and Environmental Sustainability, and continue our growth across Canada, we will provide more in-class and online training opportunities for Franchisees to learn and share information with each other.


Franchise Portal

Each of our Franchisees have personalized access to their own online Franchise Portal, which is accessible from any desktop or mobile device. The portal provides you with all the information you need to run your franchise successfully and efficiently, it includes documentation and PDFs for Operations, Accounting, Sales & Marketing and much more.


Weekly Franchise Newsletter

Each week, Clintar Head Office organizes an internal newsletter for all of our franchises to review. It is packed with industry news for the season, internal affairs, the Clintar calendar as well as marketing and operations tips.


Council Meetings & Focus Groups

Clintar stays closely connected to the needs and ideas of our franchisees by organizing specialized focus group and councils that target the specific needs of the Clintar business such as Marketing and Health & Safety development. Our organized groups meet on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure ideas and projects are current with the season and can be executed timely.


Marketing Support

Clintar has a designated marketing team to help franchises generate leads and online and networking opportunities. We have a planned strategy, which includes digital marketing, paid advertising and online promotions to support any local marketing initiatives you may have for your specific location.


Annual Franchise Conference

One of Clintar’s largest organized events, Clintar’s Annual Franchise Conference brings together all franchises across Canada for a 3-4 day event at a different city each year. The conference includes informative seminars, brainstorming sessions, awards presentation and fun activities for franchisees and their families.